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Veal marsala with fettuccine


Another 4 ingredients recipe.  Coated veal in flour and seasoning. Lightly fried with butter then added marsala to the juices to make a sauce.

Fettuccine was simply cook as required.  Drain. Mix in with sour cream and chives. Top with black pepper.

Actually, last night I made fried rice with flaked almond chicken….so good BUT I took a photo ready to post but didnt like how the photo came out 😦

But here goes the recipe anyway. So for the chicken I simply coated it in greek yogurt,  then I combined flaked almonds with parmesen cheese and coated the chicken in the almond mix. Then bake. Delicious.

The rice was easy too. Cook rice. Cook bacon. Cook an egg. Toss rice in with soy sauce and sweet chilli and that is it



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