Fetta meatballs served with a fetta & apricot couscous

Simply combine 500g mince, 30g fetta, 1 egg, parsley and salt and pepper. Roll into balls and bake
Serve with couscous, combined with fetrs and chopped apricots. Season well and add olive oil and balsamic vinegar  



Potato & pea pie

I really love easy recipes and this one I prepared yesterday and all i had to do was put in oven tonight after work. Added a beetroot, cucumber & tomato salsa to it. 

So to a greased round tin, line with puff pastry and fill with chopped cooked potatoes and peas. Season and cover with another sheet of pastry. Brush with egg baste and bake for about 30 minutes  

  on a 180 oven

So cute


Don’t you think? It was my work’s xmas party and we dined at a place called Grano.

It was so good. It had like a rustic look, salami’s hanging everywhere,  old fashion tables and chairs and our drinks were served in a recycled jar. Truley amazing! There was even herbs, tomatoes and chilmis growing at the front in their little veggie patch. Felt like Italy!

Red kitchenaid

Well it’s been a while I know…..

But hey check out my long awaited kitchenaid…..and it’s red! Whoo hoo, matches with my kitchen 🙂

It actually had been sitting on my bench for a whole week until I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to put it to good use. So I baked peanut butter cookies. ..actually my BFF had made them and they were delicious so I couldn’t resist no longet….oh and they were gone that night

Hope if you all have a kitchenaid make good use of it. …I will !



So a day at the city went exceptionally well after seeing French man Manu at Victoria’s Basement.

Lots of sales,lots of people and then it happened…I became star struck…Manu was casually shopping,meanwhile I was practically bumping into everything.

My girls were simply walking away from me in sheer embarresment and totally refused to take a photo of us even after bribery….lol

So then I simply went up and said ‘Hi Manu’ and it was at that point that I became estatic when he looks and replies with that french accent and
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Shout out if you are addicted!!!

Gosh, I know I am that’s for sure and so is my bff…you know who you are;)

Actually,can’t thank her enough for getting me into it.

Love it like I cannot explain. Loads of gorgeous pictures on the internet of everything that interests me from food to my kind of style and what I love in life….it becomes totally endless

Just wish I had more time