Shephard’s pie with a difference….

Well who would of thought you could make a shephard’s pie with only 4 ingredients …… 4 Ingredients that’s who !!!!! Lean beef, mashed potato , Parmesan cheese topped over the mash and the hero of this recipe….FRUIT CHUTNEY!!! I know right, but it was just so yummmyyyyy



Loving the combo

Baked chicken tray served with tangy potato wedges. So the chicken was simply baked with garlic infused oil and topped with pesto and tomatoes . The wedges were simply baked with canola oil and taco seasoning. Great, easy meal


So cute


Don’t you think? It was my work’s xmas party and we dined at a place called Grano.

It was so good. It had like a rustic look, salami’s hanging everywhere,  old fashion tables and chairs and our drinks were served in a recycled jar. Truley amazing! There was even herbs, tomatoes and chilmis growing at the front in their little veggie patch. Felt like Italy!